Dr. Robert POHLE
attorney at law


Purchase contract, trusteeship and real estate registration.

All these services at a fair and guaranteed fixed price.

Trusteeship insurance included.


We accompany You from Your purchase offer until the completed registration of Your new property

in the real estate register.  We handle all necessary steps with the department of finance, concerning

land buying and selling tax,  we arrange the cleaning of the land register and make  it free of old

registered loans and we represent You in all required permission-procedures.

We even offer court-approved solutions for non EC-citizens in buying real estates in Vienna.


Just send us an email and You get a detailed overview of our services and the guaranteed

 fixed price for Your case. Based on this, You can compare price and services offered by others

and can protect Yourself from expensive surprises.


Dr. Robert POHLE

Kirchengasse 19
A - 1070 VIENNA
phone: +43 (1) 522 89 89
fax: +43 (1) 512 89 89-19